Jinaraja walk is organized by the college Old Boys Association for the Golden Jubilee. We expect your (All the Old Boys) participation for this event.[details]
Located at ancient Gagasiripura, under the mountain of Ambuluwawa, surrounded by an enchanting environment, holding the name of “Lord Budda”, Ginaraja Maha Vidyalaya reins producing world famous athletes, sports personalities, doctors, engineers, lawyers, accountant, artists contributing their strengths to the literary world and lot of other Jinaraja sons who are prodly serving mother Sri Lanka. Gampola Jinaraja Maha Vidyalaya, getting ready to celebrate its anniversary on 2015 is situated in Gampola Educational zone. Followings are the great mile stones of Jinaraja Maha Vidyalaya.

Around 1915, while the power of English government was spreading out through Sri Lanka the inhabitants if Sri Lanka the Buddhists were undergoing great many difficulties. Even the Sri Lankans who turned to Christianity and who were able to speak little bit of English were given jobs of lower rank. In such an era tea and coffee plantations were flourishing around Gampola and along with that lot of tea factories were started. As a result the productions of the tea factories needed to be transported to Colombo and the requirements of the factories had to be supplied through Gampola. Thus Gampola became the centre of these transactions. The transportation was not much developed and bullock carts were used to serve the purpose. Therefore the owners of these bullock carts became rich and powerfull too. Mr.M.B. Fonseka, owning more than 50 carts was one of the rich persons around that time..... More

(Founder - Mr. M.B. Fonseka)

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